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Bulldog Studio offers two types of the wedding movies - complete ceremony coverage and trailer.

Films are produced in HD or Full HD quality depending on your needs.

Our team of two filmmakers uses dslr photo cameras and cameras with removable optics.

Trailer we provide is a video that tells the short story of your wedding. We take the best moments from your preparation (optional) ceremony and reception and carefully craft a short piece that shows your wedding in the best light possible. Trailer length is usually 2-3 minutes and complete ceremony coverage can take up to 30 minutes.

We save final movies on pendrive.


Standard Package                   800 EUR

Premium Package                   1100 EUR

Gold Package                         1400 EUR

Standard Package is dedicated for couples who may want the minimal presence from our team on their wedding. This offer covers wedding ceremony and reception events up to 11:00pm. Trailer is not included.

Premium Package is dedicated for couples who may want coverage of the bridal preparation, wedding ceremony in the church or registry office and the wedding reception coverage till unveiling and capping ceremony (in Polish folklore tradition - Oczepiny). This option includes trailer movie.

Gold Package contains Premium Package and additionally we offer outdoor wedding session.


We are Poznan/Poland based filmmakers. We are willing to travel as far as you are! Just need our expenses covered.

But we are cheap traveller :)

Please contact us to discuss your wishes.

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